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Sunday, September 11th, 2005
6:17 pm - Change
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Thursday, November 4th, 2004
1:52 am - Possible Farewell
I haven't been updating/commenting/annoying as much as usual, wanted to apologize for that.
I'm not mad at anyone, I just haven't had the time, the goings on at home and all, haven't been sleeping, big event Tuesday (I don't mean the election), etc. If anyone wants to talk drop me a line over messenger.

For a while I've been thinking about resigning LiveJournal, but every time I type my final farewell out I just can't bare to part with it all. I've had this thing a year almost, and some good times have come out of it. I must admit, it's helped my typing/spelling. But I don't feel like I've been serving a purpose any more, and it's only the people behind the pixels that keep me here. I can't throw out an old pair of jeans that have stuck with me through the sad and the glad. They know my secrets, they've seen my soul. It's just not safe to let them pass on to someone else, and all.
So that said. I'll be here a while longer, good or bad. It's just the lunar eclipse that's got me out of whack.

I can't sit here and not mention the election, though it won't get off anyone's minds as is. All my Bush supporting friends, thanks for holding together and not getting too carried away with the victory parties. Many many thanks to my Kerry supporter friends (and the rest over lj) for being so gracious, you and the Senator had a good campaign and ended it admirably.

It seems I can't think of anything else to say. The time of day has come when the mind has left the body here to function incompletely.

current mood: mellow

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Sunday, August 15th, 2004
11:15 pm - In This Issue Of Entertainment Weekly
According to this "HONEY, WHO SHRUNK THE STARS?" article in the August 13 issue: "Looking for the next Tom Cruise or Julia Roberts? Good luck. Here's why Hollywood can't make actors as big as they used to." Then it talks about how the big stars are getting older and who's going to replace the A-list generation that 'throned themselves' in the 80's.

Mel Gibson

Orlando Bloom:
WHY: Great at archery, sword fighting and hopping in the sack.
WHY NOT: His wimp factor is as high as Mount Doom, especially after Troy. This teen favorite needs a Mad Max.
(Hopping in the sack? *snort!* But I totally agree with the wimp thing. Bloom is no Gibson, anymore than he's Bond.)

Colin Farrell:
WHY: Pan-Anglo versatility and off-camera jinks make hum a natural successor.
WHY NOT: He has yet to open a movie he's carried--but that might change with November's Alexander.
(Successor to Mel Gibson? Huh?!)

Ryan Gosling:
WHY: He's got Gibson's Braveheart intensity down pat, and The Notebook proves Gosling can carry a romance.
WHY NOT: So far, there's no evidence of a lighter side.
(So far? But that's the point! He's only been in about 10 movies.)

Tom Cruise
Tobey Maguire:
WHY: Talented enough (and the right height), plus a keen eye for material.
WHY NOT: But not much of a superhero--or romantic lead--once he peels off the Spider-man suit.
(I haven't seen enough of his movies to contradict that, but as long as they can keep spinning out Spidey movies, he has time to mature and work on getting better roles. Hey, Seabiscuit sure did well too, even come awards season.)

Hugh Jackman:
WHY: Dark side and light side are equally appealing.
WHY NOT: Cruise worked with top directors and costars from the get-go; so far, Jackman hasn't shown the same savvy.
(After Van Helsing, I don't think Hugh Jackman will ever be anything like Tom Cruise's successor.)

Jake Gyllenhaal:
WHY: Versatile, and handsome in that boyish Cruise way.
WHY NOT: Roles like Donnie Darko and a gay cowboy in Brokeback Mountain imply he may be more turned on by interesting parts than box office.
(Ok Entertainment Weekly, that's your stupidity. It's just bad acting to take roles you don't like to make money and a name. Look how far Johnny Depp got by taking on interesting parts over box office! Why would Jake want to turn into some stupid flop like Ben Affleck???)

Line of the moment:
"I want whatever crack they're smoking."
-My stepsister, about that EW article

current mood: Fat Cat just bit my TOE *kick*

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Monday, July 26th, 2004
9:53 pm - Harry Potter Came For A Cup Of Tea
This is one of the funniest RP's I have been part of in a long time. Note: It's not quite PG :-P
Read more...Collapse )

Line of the moment:
"I better leave before the car wash sprays me."
-Sephiroth (aka myself)

current mood: crazy

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Thursday, July 1st, 2004
4:51 pm - The Perils Of Internet Use
So here I sit on my lunch break, in a public internet room, unable to log onto instant messenger, unable to do anything more than type my mournful thoughts and watch the sadder souls that surround me.
The bald man in the corner, likely past his ripe 30's, logging on to check out "pics of babes" on Yahoo. He's secretive, sneaky and strange. He wears a gold watch that is obviously faker than his screen name, which I cannot see. He looks desperate and uses a fake picture of a handsome man, resembling a porn star.
The middle-aged family woman behind me simply wants to check her email while she awaits her pesky children. Maybe she is receiving prized emails from her secret beloved, or maybe business, but whatever she keeps it hidden and deletes all trace of it when she logs off. She hurries from the room and pretends she was never there. Only her fingerprints on the keys and the kinky thoughts in her mind can betray her now.
Down the row from me a bearded black man, seemingly homeless, wearing a red hat, sits and ponders over a messy, handwritten notebook. He doesn't mind pulling away from the screen and revealing it willingly to any who walks by. I think he is up to no good and wants to be caught. It angers me how he stares at myself and the poor, innocent virgin beside me.
Yes, her, fighting with perverts looking to get laid by using an 'girls-only' chat room. She doesn't know how to tell him off, so I help. I tell him to "Piss off, wanker!" and it makes him mad. He tells the entire room and then makes crude comments, most of which she doesn't understand, the rest of which upsets her. The guy is a jerk and I tell him this, and many other things. "BUGGER OFF you effing eunuch wanker!" Ah, the british insults he shall never understand. Poor girl. I shall friend her tonight so I can help her learn how to defeat the bottom-feeding internet sex scum in the world.

Just got the message I have 5 minutes left. I should sign off here and return to work, where we are having a children's ice cream party. This entry might get lost and after all, these thoughts are just SO meaningful that would be a shame. If only I had more time to mention my dream of the night.

Line of the moment:
-John Shooter, 'Secret Window'

current mood: apathetic

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Friday, June 25th, 2004
3:31 pm - Please, Josh Groban, Stick To The Decent Songs
Wow! It's been a long time since I updated. Gone from once a day to like, once a year... Anyhow, today itself ought to make at least a month's worth of posts. See, it started out with me getting to bed a little bit later than I really should've (longer story that need not be explained) and then I had this really weird dream. Lately, my dreams have all been with masked murderers chasing me. ALWAYS someone chasing me, well four of them, but I never see their faces.
But this one was a little different. It starts out with me using the computer in the dark in the middle of the night, and I'm reading this strange story about Josh Groban wanting to "live his childhood dream" and work in a fast food joint for six months. So he was going to travel the country and work in a different Wendy's, McDonald's, Taco Bell or Burger King each week and then go on a musical tour singing about the food. Well it just happened that the Wendy's he was supposed to work at was the one just around the corner from my house and I was all excited about it and I was emailing all my friends. And then it seemed like I was waking from a dream into real life, but it was still the dream, and I was at the computer, but the screen was black and someone was typing "Wake up, belle" on it. It freaked me out and I said my name wasn't Belle out loud, and the computer says "No nit. French sign of affection." which is really freaking me out. Finally it says "Follow the brown mutt" and then it all goes away and I seem like I'm waking up again, back at the original article on Josh.
Right. Sounds too 'Matrix' for normality, no? So then the next day I get woken up from in front of the computer by this strange guy with blue spiked hair and black goth clothes that's supposed to be my boyfriend, and he says he's taking me out to eat. I seem to know a lot about him, even though I don't know him, because I say he doesn't have that kind of money, but next thing I know we're on electric roller skates in the Wendy's drive-through lane, that's unnaturally crowded. We finally get up close enough to put in our order and apparently it's all people in a hubbub to see Josh who has on this ridiculous striped hat with a foam hand on it that's giving the middle finger, and he's dressed in turkey feathers. People were trying to climb in the window asking him to marry them and taking his picture and all. This girl behind the counter gets them scared off and only the serious food buyers can stay. So I get up and we're going to get our food, and there's Josh in the window handing me my bag, and he gives me the most adorable look and he looks just like a cute puppy. Naturally, I hear in my head, "Follow the brown mutt" but I shake it off at the sight of that HAT. Then, after we just get food, we go back into the other side of the building and go up to the counter. All of a sudden the bad guys in black show up with guns to rob the Wendy's, and everyone is leaping behind the food counter and people are screaming and getting shot, and I get burned all over by cooking oil. It was like a sadistic video game. Then the bad guys blow the whole building up and I get knocked out.
So I wake up and the first thing I see is that HAT fingering me again (don't take that wrong...) and then I see Josh. Apparently we're the only ones that lived and the rest of the city is like flattened after this big war or something. Just when I get the weird thought that it will be our job to "live long and prosper" and repopulate the earth, he takes off down this hole and I follow and follow for the longest time. Then we come out in Chinatown, New York and I follow him to a Burger King. This goes on and on for a long time, me following him all over and waiting a week while he works at a fast food joint, and then the bad guys always leveling the city. The last time, at the Taco Bell, it ends though. They come in but I'm ready. I stand on the counter brandishing a christmas tree (in July...) and dressed as Wonder Woman and I beat the shit out of them. Then something else weird happens, but I don't remember what it was. Somehow I end up in the audience at this huge concert and there's Josh on stage getting ready to sing his new song with Dogstar (I think that's the band... what ever Keanu Reeves' band is...) and he starts singing. Oh my VALAR that was a HORRIBLE SONG! I remember it too well..
"Gimme a hot dog, perfect thing to snog, when my woman squirts mustard on my frock, because she's mad I was thinkin' like cock. She'll just cut off his head, put it under the bed, leave me to bleed with ketchup stains, while hurtin' cruel eunuch pains. Saa-vve mee! Baa-the meee! Clean up my wounds and take away the pang, then we'll roast in the fryer for a good bang. Viagra won't heal, like banana peel, it makes the blood vessels burst like tomatoes, and my sweet feel like she's humpin' potatoes. Just saa-vve me, sla-vve me. It takes a hard day's work, for just the night's dumb quirk, spend my salary on condoms worse than rotted peach, than twist my twins up and put 'em just outta my reach. Now we're back at the start, somebody give a nice fart, but just SAA-VVE MEEE!"
And then Josh runs off stage because the people are pelting him with the food items from his song and threatening to do the things his woman did in the song. Somehow I meet up with him and Keanu again, and we're hiding in this little filing cabinet, and they give me a stuffed blue bear with a tag that says "Bloomin' Broom Baby" on it and I woke up laughing. Meaning, really woke up.

Well... that could've been a lot longer.

Line of the moment:
"Follow the white rabbit."
-Trinity, 'The Matrix'

current mood: energetic

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